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Delivering AI-centric suites of enterprise and healthcare technology to leading organizations

Our purpose is to help businesses achieve greater outcomes by embracing technology built on artificial intelligence that is simple to deploy, easy to use and supported from the cloud.

Future of Surveillance and Access Control Innovation

The new standard for enterprise physical security.

Innovation Within Enterprise Environments

Scalable cloud-managed access control.

Cloud-Managed Environmental Sensor Innovation

Detect changes across the campus with meaningful data.

People Counting and Occupancy Analytics Sensor Innovation

Accurate utilization sensors for occupancy insights.

Enterprise Networking and Wireless Innovation

Enterprise-grade switching, wireless and network.

EMFIT Matress Sensor from SYNO Global

Fall management innovation designed to prevent falls before they happen using AI-powered analytics.

Digital X Connect Nurse Call

Nurse Call X Platform

Integrate all your technologies into a single nurse call platform, designed for modern healthcare teams.

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Visitor Management

Enhance safety, security and compliance for visitors, staff and contractors with sign-in services.

Reduce store shrinkage, speed up investigations and proactively alert across all your stores.


Rapidly improve safety across your facilities with unlimited scalability and alerts.

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Reduce infrastructure spend and eliminate traditional technology with a hybrid-cloud approach.

At the core of what we do, our innovation entails


All technology we offer is easy to use and simple to deploy. We provide full support and training with all projects we work on.


Security at front of mind. We have partnered with the industries best solution providers that are actively involved in securing SaaS and IoT innovation.


Business benefit and ROI is at the core of all innovation we offer, this is achieved through intelligent systems and process improvement.

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Innovation updates, the latest promotions and news from customers and technologies.

Purple Neon Splash Background Representing Innovation

Where Hardware Meets Software

The world’s fastest growing cloud-managed surveillance solution built on AI.

Image of CCTV Innovation from Verkada

Cisco MV vs. Verkada Comparison

Side-by-side comparison of the Cisco Meraki MV line vs. Verkada physical security.

Leading Edge DC

The Leading Data Centre of The Future

Read how leading edge datacenters utilize AI at the edge to protect their data centers.

Heinemann Tax & Duty Free Sydney

International Retailer Rollout Verkada 

Learn how Heinemann upgraded their duty free stores in Sydney Airport with Verkada AI.