Healthcare Innovation for Enhanced Safety and Care

SYNO Global is an organisation providing a range of technology solutions designed to improve patient / resident care, workforce optimisation and organisational performance through evidence based innovation and emerging technology.

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Proactive Fall and Incident Prevention

Healthcare innovation designed to support patient / resident care through non-intrusive monitoring and predictive alerting for incident response. Provide great care, reduce accidents and optimise staff workflow without wearables, arduous installations or high capital expenditure.

Improve Safety

Proactively monitor resident activity with customised care to suit individual needs. Be in the know before and after an accident occurs.

Support Staff Workflow

Provide care where and when it’s needed most. Reduce intrusive behaviours and provide a more personalised care experience.

Mandatory Alerting

Look beyond falls, with predictive alerting and incident response, our innovation does so much more without the complexities.

Leading Innovation

Residents feel safer and staff improve care. No wearable’s or intrusive devices, innovation built on emerging technology.

Committed to Success

Our innovation enables organisations to give back to the community, families, residents and staff by embracing Healthcare innovation.

Smarter Care

Fall and incident prevention within rooms introducing predictive alerts including circadian rhythm deviations for increased safety.

“50% decrease in patient falls within the first 6 months of operation” 

“65% reduction in emergency medical services and hospital visits”

“More witnessed incidents, 24/7 non-intrusive proactive monitoring for fast response”

“71% less intrusive observations through proactive fall and incident monitoring”

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Our Industry


From Aged Care and Hospital, to Mental Health, our solutions are scalable and customisable to each of our clients needs with the experience to support large-scale deployments with ongoing managed services.

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Aged Care

Enhance resident care and improve workforce planning.

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Patient monitoring to enhance safety and staff optimisation.

Mental Health

Improve care for high-risk patients through non-intrusive monitoring.


Our Customers


SYNO Pulse is a subscription based managed service that compliments SYNO Global technologies by providing a personalised suite of services, ensuring your investment into technology is supported and future-proofed.


Enterprise Service

Choose from phone, email or live chat, our team provides remote, over the phone and onsite services.

Evolving Platform

As part of the SYNO Pulse service offering, we actively provide proactive assistance to our clients when problems occur.

Dedicated Experts

All of our clients receive dedicated account management, training and support as part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

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