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SYNO Global Pty Ltd is an innovative organisation providing disruptive technologies across a range of verticals, globally. We believe in developing and deploying technology based solutions that add immediate and long term-value to our customers.

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From Aged Care and Hospitals to Retail and Correction facilities, our technology solutions are customisable to each of our clients needs with the experience to support large-scale deployments with ongoing managed services.

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Aged Care

Solutions designed for today’s leading Aged Care facilities and Group Homes.

Mental Health

Provide a greater degree of care for your patients with real-time analytics.

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Solutions designed for hospital environments and patient monitoring.

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Secure valuable artifacts, art and works within museum and gallery environments.

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Gain real-world customer insights for product awareness and popularity.

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In-mate tracking and body on floor alerting without vulnerable equipment.

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SensFloor® by SYNO Global

A revolutionary fall prevention prevention technology designed to be deployed across a range of sectors. Track movement in real time, detect falls and spills whilst alerting support workers of critical events from any smart device or network connected computer including nurse call systems.



Key Features

Track Movement, Falls and Spills

SensFloor® by SYNO Global is a revolutionary movement, fall and spill tracking system that is installed beneath traditional flooring which enables people to be monitored in real time from any device. SensFloor® by SYNO Global alerts your support workers of critical events and alarms.

Designed for Leading Facilities

From Aged Care and Hospital facilities to Correctional, Retail and Exhibition SensFloor® by SYNO Global provides a suite of analytical data that is applicable to each of these verticals. Playback of floor activity and alarms are accessible from any device.

Noninvasive Technology

SensFloor® by SYNO Global supports Ambient Assisted Living practices by allowing residents to be monitored in real-time without the need for cameras or motion detection hardware. Proven to work within a range of facilities including Aged Care.

Optimise Staff Workflow

View and analyse SensFloor® by SYNO Global in real-time, thanks to our web-based administration software. Playback of floor activity and alarms are accessible from any device inside and outside of the facility allowing support workers to focus on priority events.

“SensFloor® has allowed us to monitor residents in real-time without invasive behaviours from support staff”

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Discover the benefits and features of deploying SensFloor® by SYNO Global, the world’s most innovative sensor floor technology.

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Key Features

Centralised Cloud Management

Vision by SYNO Global provides secure management from the cloud dashboard, allowing complete management of all cameras across your enterprise and sites. Easily change configuration, move cameras or upgrade firmware without being onsite.

Motion Based Search

Vision by SYNO Global returns time by eliminating the need to trawl across hours of footage by dynamically selecting areas of interest in a video stream to find related footage. Easily highlight a region of interest and all corresponding events will be returned for playback.

Enterprise Wireless Connectivity

All Vision cameras include the ability to connect to your enterprise wireless solution via inbuilt antennas., allowing simplified deployment across indoor and outdoor environments without the need for extensive cable runs.

Secured Edge Storage

Eliminate the need for network video records (NVR) and video management software (VMS) thanks to each cameras onboard solid state storage, enabling up to 256GB of recording time that is optimised by smart retention technology.

Vision® by SYNO Global

Vision by SYNO Global is our cloud managed smart surveillance solution, providing enterprise video security that is simple to deploy, configure and manage. Vision by SYNO Global provides reliable security and valuable business insights to organisations of any size.



“With the Vision range of smart cameras, we can now track movement, gain people analytics and protect zones all from the cloud without onsite servers or software”

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Discover the benefits and features of deploying Vision® by SYNO Global, the world’s first cloud managed surveillance technology.

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Visit our exclusive Sydney showroom to meet the SYNO Global team and explore our technology solutions.

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VitalSense is a world first technology designed to monitor a resident’s health status within the bed without intrusive devices. Based on fibre optics, VitalSense monitors core vitals and bed status from the cloud across many rooms, facilities and at-home care.



Key Features

Cloud Connected

VitalSense connects to the cloud via inbuilt wifi providing an easy to use dashboard to manage many beds and alerts across different wards or locations, without complex wiring, IT infrastructures or server equipment.

Monitors Vitals

VitalSense monitors heart rate and respiratory during sleep cycles, allowing care providers to set alarms based on different thresholds for each resident. This information is logged and presented for reporting and trending review.

Hidden and Discreet

The technology can be universally applied to any bed, matress and linen without the need to retrofit any existing equipment. Hidden underneth the matress, a small sensor is installed that can monitor bed exit, vitals, movement and supine turning reminders.

Nonintrusive Sensor Technology

The sensor pad cannot be seen or felt when installed within the bed, however sensitive enough to monitor the residents behaviour and vitals. VitalSense then connects to the facilities wireless network and aggregates it’s data within the cloud.

“VitalSense has been a great solution for us to monitor our residents behaviour when sleeping or waking up.”

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Discover the benefits and features of deploying VitalSense, the world’s first cloud managed in bed sensor solution.

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SYNO Pulse is a subscription based managed service that compliments SYNO Global technologies by providing a personalised suite of services, ensuring your investment into technology is supported and future-proofed.



Enterprise Service

Choose from phone, email or live chat, our team provides remote, over the phone and onsite services.

Evolving Platform

As part of the SYNO Pulse service offering, we actively provide proactive assistance to our clients when problems occur.

Dedicated Experts

All of our clients receive dedicated account management, training and support as part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Ambient Assisted Living – What Is It & How Is It Supporting Patients?

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