Solutions to support the demands of modern hospital environments and patient care.

SYNO Global for Hospitals

SYNO Global has extensive experience within the hospital sector, offering a range of innovative solutions to support today’s modern technology driven facilities.

Improving Patient


Noninvasive technology is now available for hospitals to view in real time patient tracking and movement, fall alerts and slip events. SYNO Global works with disruptive technologies designed to support medical professionals whilst improving patient safety and event management.

Extensive Experience

SYNO Global’s sales and management team have extensive experience within the hOSPITAL sector, providing products and services from our related entities to organizations across Australia and New Zealand. We can provide a complete turnkey solution for SensFloor by SYNO Global implementation whilst providing ongoing service and support.

Improve Patient Care

We pride ourselves on developing technology that can improve patient support thanks to IoHT (Internet of Healthcare Things). Supporting medical professionals and hospital management to deliver exceptional patient care through nonintrusive technology such as SensFloor by SYNO Global.

Building Long-Term Partnerships

We believe in providing the best service possible, that’s why we created SYNO Pulse. Working with us means we will continue to deliver value even after installation. Our solutions are customisable to the unique needs of Hospital organisations, ensuring we provide enterprise service you expect.

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for Hospitals

SYNO Global offers a range of technology solutions designed to be deployed in today’s leading Hospitals. Our technology supports medical professionals whilst adding value for patient care.

SensFloor by SYNO Global IoT floor installation in room

SensFloor by SYNO Global

The industries most innovative and reliable IoHT movement tracking, fall and spill alerting sensor flooring solution.

MV camera mounted to wall in Aged Care facility.

Vision by SYNO Global

Cloud managed smart surveillance and business analytics technology designed for enterprises.

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SYNO Pulse

Providing dedicated technology support and monitoring with software and hardware warranty.

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