Solutions designed to improve customer insights and product analytics.

SYNO Global for Retail

SYNO Global has extensive experience within the Retail sector, offering a range of innovative technologies providing increased customer insights and product analytics.

Track Customer


SYNO Global’s technologies are allowing stores and center’s to track customer engagement through data gathering that would be either difficult to obtain or unstructured. We offer customer heat map tracking and store popularity analytics through nonintrusive data gathering practices.

Evaluate Activity Profiles

Visualise and make informed decisions based on your visitor flows. Review the number of customers and associated traffic patterns while measuring dwell time and reporting queues in real time. Presence detection enables customer count to help recognise time-based patterns and store performance.

Understand Buying Behaviours

Retail organisation’s can now tap into new forms of data through nonintrusive technologies such as SensFloor by SYNO Global. Report on traffic, speed, direction, popular products in aisles and heat map analysis. Control lighting, alarms and traffic activity in real time or motion playback.

Building Long-Term Partnerships

We believe in providing the best service possible, that’s why we created SYNO Pulse. Working with us means we will continue to deliver value even after installation. Our solutions are customisable to the unique needs of Retail organisations.

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Store Traffic

and Analytics

for Retail

SYNO Global offers a range of technology solutions designed for the Retail sector, allowing organisation’s to gain an unfair advantage through customer analytics and presence detection.

SensFloor by SYNO Global IoT floor installation in room

SensFloor by SYNO Global

Track customers entering and exiting stores, monitor movement in real time without intrusive equipment.

MV camera mounted to wall in Aged Care facility.

Vision by SYNO Global

Cloud managed smart surveillance and business analytics technology designed for enterprises.

SYNO Pulse

Providing dedicated technology support and monitoring with software and hardware warranty.

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