Integrated Digital Care Platform

Built on artificial intelligence, healthcare organisations can now provide next-level care with 24/7 smart monitoring through intelligent systems.

Contact-free continuous monitoring for predictive alerting and enhanced care

Our integrated digital care platform is a suite of health and fall preventative alerting solutions designed for modern Aged Care and Hospital environments. Built on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to proactively monitor activities of patients and residents with capability to provide 24/7 care monitoring within the bed and room.

Enterprise features

The digital care platform predicts and alerts on health deterioration and clinical related events to assist in providing enhanced care and staff workflow that is simple to deploy, scale and manage.

Contact-Free Sensors

Sensors deployed within the room or under the bed provide human vitals and analytics.

Fall Prevention

Machine learning data used to provide predictive health deterioration and related events before they occur.

Resident Privacy

AI watches over the resident, not humans. No live views, no wearables and no complex installations.

Integration Ready

API platforms allowing integration with nurse call and other software systems for streamlined processes.

Review Trends

A change in medication or activities can impact general health. By trending health data, deviations in baselines can signal problems.

Build Baselines

Provide real-time and historical data on residents or patient’s baselines for health-related data for baseline deviations.

Heart & Breathing

Monitors heart and respiratory rates, building a health baseline for trending and review over time periods.

Assess Sleep

Indicates the quality of sleep for the night based on REM and deep sleep, including awake time.

Movement Activity

Small movements vs. tossing and turning to evaluate restless or restful sleep patterns.

Incident Detected

Sensors in the room or bed are actively monitoring 24/7 to provide extra levels of care.

AI Verifies Incident

The action is processed using artificial intelligence to decide what type of incident occured.

Alarm Raised

Notifications are automatically sent to staff informing them of the room, time and type of alarm.


Notifications can be pushed through to the nurse call system to ensure care processes are maintained.

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50% Decrease in Falls

Using proactive fall prevention and alerting for low and high risk residents.

24 Hour Care Monitoring

Non-intrusive resident monitoring for fast response and resident care.

71% Observation Reduction

Provide care where and when it’s needed most, reduce intrusive observations.

Improve resident and patient care with the latest in fall and prevention technology

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