Elevated Temperature Thermal Solutions

Thermal camera technology to assist with elevated skin temperature checking for frontline defence against potential febrile persons.

Enforce health checks with highly accurate thermal solutions

Mass thermal screening technology allows for contactless temperature testing for elevated skin levels using highly accurate thermal and TRS innovation. We offer a range of solutions suitable for different requirements, budget and applications.

Enterprise features

From entry level thermal products to high-end mass screening solutions, we can provide a range of solutions with different feature sets dependant on environment and workflow requirements.

Rapid Deployment

Mobile and fixed installation options available for plug and play setup including integrated console.

High Accuracy

Accuracy from 0.5 to 0.1 degrees, dependant on requirements and environmental factors.

Alerting Options

From audible and visual alerting to email and SMS, profiles can be customised to workflow.

Simple to Use

Intuitive UI with dual-display (camera and IR) provides easy febrile subject identification and heat source.

Autonomous System

Automatic adjustment to the surrounding environment without human intervention.

Stage 1 Identification

Early identification of high temperature subjects to commence core body temperature checking.

15 Minute Deployment

When utilizing the mobile pedestal version and coupled with the all-in-one preloaded console. Part of the Sentry Mk4 solution.

Accurate to 0.1c

When coupled with Bluetooth enabled temperature reference source and high-resolution thermal camera.

Improved Efficiency

When compared to stop start infrared temperature checking devices and consoles that require subject to stand still.

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