MediTemi Healthcare Assistant Robot

The world’s first healthcare robot designed to entertain, communicate and assist with patients, residents or staff alike.

Robot Temi Side Profile

Groundbreaking AI-enabled engagement robot for your healthcare organisation with intelligent skills

The world’s first healthcare robot designed to provide entertainment, video communications and staff assistance with inbuilt Amazon Alexa for skills and routines. MediTemi enables hospitals or aged care facilities to introduce new levels of engagement and business logic including sequence building.

Enterprise features

Enabling video conferencing from patients or residents to families, entertain with music and media whilst enabling smart skills with inbuilt Alexa.

Smart AI

MediTemi includes smart AI features that enable people following, movement, and interaction.

Alexa Ready

Amazon Alexa integrated into the heart of MediTemi, enabling voice commands and skills.

Video Calling

Enable video communication between patients and residents to family members and staff.

Medical Devices

MediTemi comes with the ability to connect with medical devices such as thermometers.


MediTemi includes auto-mapping functionality to enable facility navigation and control.

Software Development

Built on Android SDK, custom software development is available for specific customer requirements.

Carry and Charge

MediTemi has the ability to carry lightweight items and includes a portable contactless device charger.

App Store

Developers can publish new MediTemi apps on the app store allowing new features free of charge.

Sequence Builder

For enterprise clients running multiple MediTemi’s, now you can automate workflow and process.

Reduce Loneliness

Using video calling features to enable residents or patients to call family members and staff.

Improve Culture

Using sequence builder and interaction tools, MediTemi can improve the overall environment.

Medical Checkups

Using certified medical devices, MediTemi can take vitals and store the data for distribution.

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