Physical Security Innovation

In direct partnership with fast growing, global innovative SaaS companies including Verkada and Density, Alpha Global is changing the way enterprises approach physical security by replacing obsolete equipment with technology that is smart, secure, scalable and easy to use.


From surveillance, access control, occupancy analytics and environmental sensors, this modern stack of technology is built on the cloud and powered by AI for advanced analytics, empowering  loss prevention and security strategies, floorplan optimization and campus safety.

Edge Surveillance and Analytics

By building high-end hardware on an intuitive software platform, modern enterprises can strengthen the safety and productivity of their surveillance operations with advanced analytics.


Built on the network edge, our solution has eliminated the need for heavy server infrastructure and complex software rollouts. Designed for organizations managing a multi-site footprint, deploying surveillance has never been easier with a simple plug and play solution.


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Scalable Access Control

Manage access control across the campus with the world’s first native surveillance integrated door and user control solution. Designed for scaling organization’s, our access control solution allows unlimited number of doors and users to be secured from a single cloud-managed dashboard.


With access control technology evolving, leading enterprises are now removing the complexities often associated with traditional access control technology, this includes features such as smartphone one-tap access, keyless entry permissions and group security.


With native camera integration, all access events are recorded for fast incident retrieval and associated analytics.


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Environmental Sensors with Vape Detection

Completing the physical security suite of integrated technologies, environmental sensors are now playing a vital role in managing and securing assets across the campus.


With education providers using sensors to monitor for vape detection to ICT professionals relying on environment monitoring for improved building management and HVAC integration, our sensor solution integrates within a single dashboard.


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Powered by Artificial Intelligence

More than just video security, each camera includes powerful AI onboard processing to provide a suite of analytics that would otherwise be difficult to obtain, or impossible to manage.


Used across all major industries, AI analytics improve safety, workflow and optimization across the enterprise thanks the edge architecture of the overall system. Deploying new AI models and feature-sets allow rapid evolution of the platform and outperform traditional based systems.


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People Counting and Occupancy Analytics

Working directly with Density, one of the world’s fastest growing IoT sensor and lidar based solution to provide deep analytics into office and workspace optimization, including AI-powered people counting and live desk utilization from the cloud.


With Density open area technology, organizations can now monitor and report on floorplan optimization across the campus using visual and analytical data providing insights into office utilization enabling informed purchasing and expansion decisions.


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Together, let’s explore how physical security and associated analytics can empower your organisation

We look forward to discussing your physical security requirements, provide your details and we will be in touch to discuss your challenges.