Vape Detection and Air Quality Environment Sensors

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Verkada Vape Detection Sensor with Camera

An all-in-one environmental sensor to uncover new insights, vape detection and improved safety across the campus

By building high-end hardware on an intuitive cloud-managed platform, modern enterprises can strengthen the safety of their environments including vape detection with environmental sensors.

Meaningful environment measurements for rich insights and proactive alerting including vape detection

With a collection of eight sensor readings, including vape detection – easily monitor the health and safety of your campuses directly within Verkada command.

Temperature Monitoring

Air Quality Index

Vape Detection

Motion Measuring

Noise Alerting (db)

TVOC & PM 2.5

Verkada environmental monitoring sensors for rich insights and proactive alerting capabilities including vape detection

With Verkada’s modern approach to environmental monitoring, organizations can rapidly deploy sensors into existing environments for increased visibility into environmental changes for fast alerting and reporting.

PoE Powered

PoE powers the environmental sensor for continuous monitoring and alerting.

Unlimited Scalability

Deploy environmental sensors across any indoor environment and manage them from the cloud.

Cloud Managed

No software to download or install, all sensors are managed within Verkada command.

Automatic Updates

All sensors are automatically updated from the cloud, including new features.

Proactive Alerts

Stay ahead of events, receive notifications of unusual activity with configurable thresholds.

Sensor Readings

Temperature, air quality and particle matter to vape, noise and motion monitoring.

Visualize Data

Pair sensors with Verkada cameras to gain visual evidence into the what occurred and when.

Understand Trends

Monitor and report on the eight sensor reading options to gain insights into building management.

Enforce Safety

Designed for schools, data centers, manufacturing facilities and much more to improve safety.

10-Year Hardware Warranty

Providing an industry-leading 10-year warranty on all hardware.

8 Sensor Readings

From air quality and vape detection to noise, motion and temperature.

Cloud Ready

Manage an unlimited number of sensors across an unlimited number of sites.

Verkada SV11 TVOC Measurements

Evaluate environment and vape detection monitoring within your organisation

Learn more about the world’s fastest growing and most secure indoor environmental sensor platform with proactive alerting capabilities including vape detection.

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Verkada SV11 Cloud Environment Sensor

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