Verkada Enterprise Cloud Surveillance

SYNO Global is Australia’s leading Verkada preferred partner delivering end-to-end VSaaS solutions for enterprise physical security needs.

Verkada Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Command Platform
Verkada Cloud Security Cameras

Empowering physical security with enterprise cloud managed technology

By building high-end hardware on an intuitive cloud-managed platform, modern enterprises can strengthen the safety and productivity of their surveillance operations with advanced video analytics powered by AI from Verkada.

Trusted by leading global brands empowering compliance, loss prevention, technology, property management and physical security teams

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Take control of your physical security solution with VSaaS from Verkada

With Verkada’s modern approach to surveillance, reduce management overhead and focus on business objectives and customer satisfaction. Proven ROI, reduced infrastructure and complexity whilst leveraging ML capabilities.

Verkada People Find Controls

People and Vehicle Analytics

Find people and vehicles using various attributes, including the ability to upload images of persons of interest. Be notified when they are seen across any of your cameras or sites.

Hybrid-Cloud Solution, No Servers

Cameras operate on the edge in a hybrid-cloud model with inbuilt dedicated storage guaranteed to record a minimum of 30 days up to 1-year. No servers or NVRs required, manage cameras across all sites from a single cloud dashboard.

Verkada Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Command Platform

License Plate Recognition

Detect numbers plates across all your sites, easily search with fuzzy matching and set up proactive alerts when plates are seen.

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Join thousands of industry experts in improving physical safety across your organization’s sites.

Access Control Integration

From within a single platform, you can control your entire physical security solution including access control with native integration builtin.

Verkada Access Control Command Demo
Verkada SV11 TVOC Measurements

Environmental Sensor Integration

Monitor indoor environment conditions with 8 different measurements with direct integration into the command platform with proactive alerting capabilities.

Command Anywhere, Unlimited Scalability

Access your enterprise physical security solution on the go with proactive alerting and live link sharing capabilities for fast incident response.

Cloud-Managed Environmental Sensor Innovation

No NVRs or Servers

At only 20Kbps per camera at rest and inbuilt solid-state storage, NVRs and DVRs have now been eliminated.

Guaranteed Recording

Eliminates the need for servers, each camera includes guaranteed HD recording for 30 to 365 days.

Cloud Managed

The cloud command dashboard provides secure user access to your organisation and camera fleet.

Unlimited Sites

Cameras can be scaled across 1000’s of sites, all which are managed within the cloud dashboard.

Powered by AI

More than just security, each camera includes powerful AI processing to provide a suite of analytics.

Advanced Analytics

Quickly search for events using a vast array of tools, including people and vehicle recognition.

People Recognition

Using ML, cameras have the ability to identify POIs and provide alerts to specific users.

Camera as a Sensor

More than just video, cameras provide motion and people plotting for advanced analytics.

Actionable Insights

Aggregate data across devices into a centralized platform for fast insights and actionable notifications.

10-Year Hardware Warranty

Providing an industry-leading warranty on all hardware.

34% Cost Reduction

On average when compared to traditional enterprise CCTV solutions.

100% NVR/DVR Elimination

With edge computing, server and storage hardware is eliminated.

Future of Surveillance and Access Control Innovation

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