Edge Technology

Where hardware meets software – representing the future of decentralized processing and storage capabilities. Edge surveillance technology combines the power of traditional servers and storage into the camera itself – eliminating legacy infrastructure whilst empowering enterprises to secure physical spaces using feature rich cloud-managed software.

Designed for Modern Enterprises

By building high-end hardware on an intuitive software platform, modern enterprises can strengthen the safety and productivity of their surveillance operations with advanced analytics.

Unlimited Scalability and Control

Add ten, hundreds or thousands of surveillance devices to command. The cloud enables secure, remote access to your sites from any browser or device without complex installations.


No Servers or NVRs Required

At only 20 Kbps per camera at rest and inbuilt solid-state storage, NVRs and servers have now been eliminated freeing up resources and ongoing related expenses.


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Powered by Artificial Intelligence

More than just video security, each camera includes powerful AI onboard processing to provide a suite of analytics that would otherwise be difficult to obtain, or impossible to manage.


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Hybrid-Cloud Surveillance Solution

Devices connect to the cloud to allow complete remote management across the entire enterprise built for low bandwidth consumption and secure facilitation of device control.


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