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Looking for a smart yet affordable solution to monitor resident activity and fall prevention within the bed? VitalSense is a world first sensor technology designed to monitor bed activity and prevent accidents before they occur.

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Improve Care

VitalSense has been designed to help prevent serious injury, reduce the risks of falls and detect health deterioration using a sensor installed beneath any mattress within any bed.

Smart Technology

VitalSense technology is based on fibre optics light attenuation measurement, meaning it is sensitive enough to monitor vitals such as heartbeat and respiration whilst alerting on movement and bed exits.

Fast Deployment

Designed to work within any bed, under any mattress, VitalSense keeps an eye on your resident without requiring wearables or equipment modifications. VitalSense is the only solution that works under existing mattresses and beds and requires no ongoing maintenance.

Intelligent Alerts

VitalSense is a cloud-based technology allowing insights into activity occurring across beds. Designed to scale with your organisation, a normal bed can become a smart bed within minutes providing heartbeat, breathing, movement, turning reminders and much more.

Discover Bed Sensor Technology Today

VitalSense has been designed with care providers in mind, supporting operations and staff efficiencies without having to replace or upgrade existing equipment.


Now support staff can monitor any bed equipped with VitalSense to gain a holistic view of all activity occurring within beds across ward’s, homes or facilities.

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Aged Care organisations can now request a trial of VitalSense technology within their facilities.

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Key Features

of VitalSense

VitalSense is a noninvasive resident monitoring sensor technology designed to monitor vitals and in-bed activity from the cloud. Based on fibre optic attenuation measurements, a sensor is placed under the bed mattress which is connected to a centralised cloud-managed dashboard for easy monitoring and alerting.

Monitors Vitals

VitalSense is sensitive yet accurate enough to measure the vitals of any residents sleeping within the bed. Monitoring heart rate and respiratory is recorded to enable easy alerts and reports whilst providing better care.

Hidden and Discreet

Hidden away out of sight, the sensor pad is installed below the mattress on top of the bed slats with a small controller installed behind or below the bed head. VitalSense cannot be seen or felt and requires only a power cable to operate.

Noninvasive Technology

Supporting Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) practices by allowing residents to be monitored in real-time without the need for cameras, motion sensors or other invasive hardware, restoring freedom and privacy whilst still receiving the best care.

Real-Time Activity Monitoring

VitalSense enables care organisations to view real-time activity occurring within the bed. All activity is recorded and alerted based on individual needs, this includes movements, bed exit, supine turning reminders and vitals based on custom thresholds.

Rapid Deployment, Simplified Setup

VitalSense is installed within the bed below the mattress, allowing any standard bed to become a cloud-connected smart bed.


VitalSense keeps an eye on every resident 24/7 so your nurses can be more productive whilst providing additional personal care. By simply connecting our sensor to the bed and the organisation’s wifi, you will be able to view complete coverage of all smart beds across the wards. Events and actions are easily managed from the intuitive VitalSense dashboard that can be used on any computer or smart device.

Enhanced Reporting,

Provide Better Care

VitalSense is the latest intelligent pressure ulcer and fall risk management technology based on fibre optics and IoT


With a simplified installation process, VitalSense provides a range of reporting and logging capabilities. From time logged, response rates and event clearance, management can oversee compliance through easy to use reporting features.

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Solution Benefits

Designed by and for Aged Care organisation’s looking to replace traditional devices and embrace innovative sensor technology to improve resident care, safety, legality and staff optimisation. Support by SYNO Pulse, VitalSense is affordable yet packed with features.

Aged Care

Return on Investment

Resident Care


Identify and analyse resident activity within the bed during normal sleep cycles or during restless nights.

Monitor Vitals


Monitor resident vitals from the cloud and set alert thresholds when heart rate or respiratory levels drop low or high.

Optimise Workflow


Improve noninvasive behavioural workforce planning through real-time resident monitoring whilst maintaining resident privacy.

Holistic Ward View


Gain insights into who is and isn’t in bed, across the ward from the cloud. Report on movement, bed exit, vitals and turning reminders.

Improve Legality


Contribute to legal compliance by responding to critical events that could adversely affect statutory legal obligations.

Reuse Existing Equipment


VitalSense works within existing beds including the mattress. Limited wiring means only power is required and wifi connectivity.

Reduce Costs


Through optimised workflow, high impact – long last sensor technology that works within the cloud.

Receive Alerts


Real-time resident alerting for movement, bed exit, ulcer management and vital on android or web browser devices.

Minimise Injuries


Respond to critical alerts through real-time monitoring, resulting in increased resident care and reduction in serious injury.

Record Activity


Sleep and associated data are recorded for review to ensure reporting is easily obtainable across all beds.

Integrate with External Facility Systems

VitalSense has been designed from the ground up to integrate with third-party systems to support the connected world of devices. VitalSense is the first IoT bed sensor technology designed to provide customisation of application due to inbuilt API capability.


For large projects, VitalSense may be able to connect and drive alerts through your facility core systems.

Empowering Aged Care


Embrace innovative technology and do away with the old. Change the culture, the habits, explore new ideas and improve business performance. Become a leader.


Our technologies are contributing to workflow optimisation, assessment of health, reporting and event logging whilst introducing liability management, patient monitoring and facility security. Our products will continue to evolve and offer new features through our SYNO Pulse service.


VitalSense represents our core strategy of empowering organisations with sensor technology to provide new levels of business performance, our solutions are versatile, easy to use yet introduce key new benefits.

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Technical Specifications

VitalSense is a sensor technology based on fibre optic attenuation, sensitive and accurate enough to monitor vitals such as heart rate and respiratory under any mattress, in any bed. Designed for modern care organisation, beds are managed across wards from the cloud.

Latest Innovation
with More Features


SensFloor® by SYNO Global offers an impressive suite of features tailored to meet the needs of today’s leading facilities and technology requirements.


SensFloor® by SYNO Global offers the latest in innovation by continuously evolving the product through customer feedback, the latest technology trends and ongoing improvement initiatives. Our customers realise many benefits by introducing SensFloor® by SYNO Global into existing and new facilities.

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API Integration


VitalSense can connect to facility core systems such as nurse call and building management, allowing alerts and event to be pushed.

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Low Voltage Connectivity


VitalSense only requires a normal power plug to power a device fixed to the underside of each bed in which it’s installed.

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IoT Platform


VitalSense is an IoT driven technology designed to be globally deployed whilst reducing hardware requirements and costs.

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Event Driven


VitalSense allows care staff to respond to events occurring within the beds based on individual thresholds and requirements.

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Wifi Enabled


VitalSense connects to the cloud via inbuilt wifi in every controller, enabling any bed to become a smart bed.

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Real-Time Activity Monitoring


View and analyse VitalSense in real time thanks to our web-based administration software, including data trending.

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Sensor Packed


From heart rate and respiratory, movement, bed exit and pressure ulcer turning reminders, VitalSense keeps a watchful eye.

Cloud-Based Application


Vitalsense can monitor beds inside and outside of facilities, broken up into wards, levels or building.

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Technology Comparison


See how SensFloor® by SYNO Global compares to competitor products by reviewing our feature comparison chart.



Traditional Devices

Requires purchasing new beds and associated accessories
Requires purchasing new beds and associated accessories
Requires purchasing new beds and associated accessories
Cannot be seen or felt when installed
Cannot be seen or felt when installed
Cannot be seen or felt when installed
Operates on wireless network
Operates on wireless network
Operates on wireless network
Can measure vitals even when installed beneath the matress
Can measure vitals even when installed beneath the matress
Can measure vitals even when installed beneath the matress
Cloud-based monitoring of beds across ward / facility
Cloud-based monitoring of beds across ward / facility
Cloud-based monitoring of beds across ward / facility
Can scale across hundreds of rooms
Can scale across hundreds of rooms
Can scale across hundreds of rooms
Detects movement, bed exit, vitals and turning reminders
Detects movement, bed exit, vitals and turning reminders
Detects movement, bed exit, vitals and turning reminders
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Commonly Asked Questions

VitalSense is an easy to implement, revolutionary technology that is adding value within healthcare.

Do I have to replace existing equipment for VitalSense to work?

No. VitalSense has been designed to universally work under any mattress within any bed.

How does VitalSense connect to the cloud?

VitalSense connects to your facility wifi and checks into the VitalSense cloud.

Can VitalSense detect heart rate and respiratory in real-time?

Yes, but the system has not been designed for this purpose. VitalSense has been designed to monitor vitals during normal sleep cycles and reports on such when thresholds have been reached.

Can the sensor pad be cleaned?

Yes. The sensor pad can be easily cleaned by normal methods. However, consider the pad sits below the mattress, there should be no need to clean often.

Do I need specific electrical requirements?

No. SensFloor® by SYNO Global has been designed to minimise cabling and electronic requirement. In fact our solution is the only technology on the market where the electronics have been built into the underlay, unlike other systems where wiring and electronics require installation into skirting boards.

Can SensFloor work within bathrooms?

No. VitalSense operates on low voltage and plugs into a normal wall socket for power. Some healthcare beds have USB ports that can provide power to the controller.

Are there any limitations to the size of the facility or zones that SensFloor can work in?

The sensor pads need to be located within the centre of the bed above the slats. We will support you during the install process.

What type of alerts can VitalSense report on?

Movement, bed exit, turning reminders and vital cores (heartbeat and respiratory) are the primary events VitalSense can report on.

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