MV camera mounted to wall in Aged Care facility.

SYNO Global and Cisco Meraki Partner to Provide Advanced Surveillance Solution to Aged Care

Press release for immediate distribution.

SYNO Global Pty Ltd and Cisco Meraki have partnered to bring advanced cloud-based surveillance technology to the Aged Care sector in an effort to improve resident safety whilst supporting staff workflow optimization strategies.

“With the changes occurring in the Aged Care sector, we see great value in incorporating technologies that support the resident’s safety whilst assisting staff with workflow management and associated alerting.”

Cisco Meraki, a global technology solution provider specializes in cloud-based technology including wireless, switching, router and surveillance, all which are accessed and managed from the single management interface. Cisco Meraki has recently expanded its product portfolio to include advanced surveillance hardware that brings a suite of innovative key features, including;

  • Reduction in equipment requirements and complex ICT environments while eliminating the need to trawl through hours of footage, reducing time spent responding to an event.
  • Motion heat mapping analytics, allowing motion display in a given area, by the hour or day – track resident behavior, ensure safety and report on entry and exit traffic for guests.
  • Eliminates traditional NVR and server storage devices – all cameras operate with edge storage that is encrypted. Video footage is retrieved from the cloud but not stored in the cloud.
  • Indoor and outdoor variants for both IP66 and IK10 – allowing the organization to use a single solution.
  • Industry-leading analytics and machine learning capabilities – set up alerts when a resident enters a zone or open a door for example.


“Cisco Meraki’s surveillance systems eliminate the need for complex infrastructure requirements whilst allowing Aged Care providers to monitor residents and staff from the cloud using advanced analytics such as heat mapping, motion search, and event notifications feature often only found in complex and expensive surveillance systems. Now, thanks to the inbuilt analytics and machine learning capabilities of these cameras we can optimize facility layouts, drive event notifications based on regions, report on people counts for visitor entry and exit and easily retrieve footage based on region analysis.”

As part of this partnership, SYNO Global can now provide enterprise Aged Care providers with a free equipment trial with setup support. Additional information on this offer can be found here.

If you would like to learn more about our surveillance solution, please visit our Vision by SYNO Global solution page or contact us for additional specifications.