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SYNO Global and Future-Shape GmbH Establish Australia and New Zealand Partnership for Sensor Flooring IoT Technology

Press release for immediate distribution.

SYNO Global is proud to announce our new partnership with German technology manufacturer Future-Shape GmbH for distribution and localised implementation of sensor flooring IoT technology.

“This newly established, and very exciting partnership is the first step in promoting SYNO Global’s entry into flooring technology within the Australian and New Zealand markets, whilst complimenting our existing customer base. We have been working hard with Future-Shape to prepare the technology for markets we serve.” Luke Craddock, Managing Director (SYNO Global)

SYNO Global, a specialised IoT technology solution provider, will begin promoting the newly developed and revolutionary sensor floor technology known as “SensFloor® by SYNO Global” within the medical and aged care sectors.

“SensFloor® by SYNO Global is the first IoT technology that can monitor speed, gait, falls and spills of people without requiring pressure-based sensors. SensFloor® is a non-intrusive, capacitive based flooring solution that measures changes in conductivity under the floor whilst providing a sophisticated, yet highly accurate suite of technologies that can connect with existing systems to support operations” – Ryan Priest, Chief Technology Officer (SYNO Global)

SensFloor® by SYNO Global has successfully been designed and deployed to work across a range of industries, with the technology being utilised within aged care and hospital facilities across Europe. SYNO Global aims to continue building on this success by offering a complete solution life-cycle within facilities looking to improve resident care, fall awareness and staff capacity optimisation.

“In various projects across Europe, SensFloor® proves to be a key differentiator on the market for care homes. It not only helps operators to optimise their workflows and to increase their service-quality. At the same time, it helps to create a better place to work for care givers.” – Erwin Burth, Chief Marketing Officer (Future-Shape)