SYNO Global Partners with Harbison Care Providing Smart Sensor Technology

Nurse responding to reisdent fall in aged care facility

SYNO Global Partners with Harbison Care Providing Smart Sensor Technology

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SYNO Global and Harbison Care partner to provide sensor technologies within their under construction dementia facility located at Burradoo. The new facility is a specialised dementia centre hosting 30 rooms and open living spaces. The theme of the centre is country living divided between two households featuring large gardens, BBQ areas, a men’s shed and fireplaces. Designed to encourage residents to attend daily activities which simulate living in their own home.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the Harbison Care team and associated contractors, it has empowered us to ensure we provide the best outcome for the organisation whilst ensuring we meet the long term strategy. This is a very exciting time for emerging technologies in the Aged Care sector, especially now considering they are beginning to see operational use and not just proof of concepts. – Luke Craddock (Managing Director) SYNO Global”

Due to be opened by October 2019, the facility incorporates secure and private state-of-the-art dementia monitoring systems, security and network access technology to support the vast array of systems. SYNO Global, in partnership with Harbison Care is implementing a suite of new technologies designed for Aged Care based on sensors.

Harbison Care Dementia Centre

SensFloor by SYNO Global

All rooms within the new dementia facility will be supported by our smart floor technology, which will track resident movement, room entries, ensuite visits and bed exit alarms. The technology has been specifically designed to detect falls and trigger automation systems such as lighting, whilst recording resident activity for history playback for staff handover. The smart floors are being installed in the main bedrooms and the ensuites, which can detect spills, falls and movement analysis from any tablet or computer. Based on a schedule, when a resident enters the ensuite late at night, lights are automatically activated to ensure safe entry. When a resident leaves the bed or enters the bed, alerts are generated and based on a schedule and this information can be pushed through the nurse call system.

Vision by SYNO Global

The new facility will boast an advanced cloud managed surveillance system supported by an enterprise wireless network, designed to be scaled across all facilities yet viewable from anywhere. Both internal and external access points will be mounted across the facility providing complete 360 coverage of wireless networks for residents, guests and staff alike. This wireless network will also provide the primary link for the surveillance solution in which a wide variety of cameras are being deployed around the perimeter (externally) and throughout the interior. The Vision solution will enable Harbison Care to monitor residents safety across all facilities and sites from the cloud without onsite servers, software or DVRs. Smart alerts, heat mapping and people analytics will enable Harbinson management to further understand resident habits whilst ensuring quality care is provided when an accident occurs and footage retrieval is required, this can be accomplished within minutes, not hours thanks to the inbuilt region playback system and advanced analytics.

The Future-State

“The technology being implemented at Harbison Care will enable the organisation to establish themselves as leaders in care, whilst allowing residents to live fulfilling lives without intrusive behaviours and devices. This is a great example of the future of aged care and we look forward to seeing successful outcomes from this project – Ryan Priest (CTO) SYNO Global”.

The long term vision of the new Harbison Care dementia centre is to incorporate the organisation’s butterfly household model of care whilst being supported by innovative technology that supports the staff and the organisation’s strategy. Enablement of backbone technologies such as GPoN (passive optical networking) will enable further expansion of technologies across the organisation whilst maintaining the benefits of sensor technologies and various other services. Future updates will be posted regarding this project including a case study with analysis of the results of this new facility.

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