Verkada and SYNO Global Partner to Provide Innovative Surveillance and Access Control Solutions

Verkada and SYNO Global Partner to Provide Innovative Surveillance and Access Control Solutions

At SYNO Global, our commitment to providing leading technologies to enterprise clients is at the core of what we do. To achieve our mission of providing customers with analytics and data that empower organizational success through innovation, we are excited to announce our APAC partnership with Verkada to provide national coverage of the solution as part of our physical security continuum of technologies.

“We are on a journey to disrupt the physical security market here in Australia, and do this we must partner with the most innovative companies on the market whilst being able to deploy the solution nation-wide and demonstrating cost savings on the total cost of ownership is proving successful. Enterprise physical security has never been so easy thanks to the cloud.”

As part of this alliance, SYNO Global are now providing national physical security technology services to design and implement enterprise-grade surveillance and access control solutions with a very clear and defined differentiated focus from traditional CCTV providers. Our intent is not to provide traditional CCTV solutions, the market is flooded and the solutions are poorly designed – but rather bring to the market a new perspective on modernized physical security solutions that offer capabilities well beyond that of traditional solutions. CCTV and access control is often considered the underdog of technologies, but the tide is changing as IT executives are inheriting broken platforms creating turmoil in regards to tolerance of such underperforming and often unmanaged platforms. Verkada makes this shift with a strong focus on modern technologies such as edge processing for AI capabilities that are often costly when introduced into traditional environments due to server and software requirements.

“We are already gaining fast traction, with some great international clients such as Heinemann Australia – which actively pursued new options with Verkada being the clear winner based on TCO and feature sets. The solution came up against four (4) other well known markets players and based on the functional requirements, the Verkada solution was a clear winner in every category.” – Ryan Priest (CTO – SYNO Global)

If you would like to learn more about our surveillance solution, please visit our solution page or contact us for additional specifications.