VitalSense Resident Monitoring Technology Released for Trial

VitalSense Inside Bed

VitalSense Resident Monitoring Technology Released for Trial

Press release for immediate distribution.

SYNO Global is proud to announce we are actively trialling our new VitalSense resident monitoring sensor within Australia for Aged Care providers. This new technology, VitalSense, is a world first IoT based sensor system that is designed to monitor a resident’s vitals and bed activity from the cloud.

Based on fibre optic attenuation measurement, a sensor is placed under the bed mattress which is connected to a centralized dashboard showing a holistic view of all activity occurring across the facility broken up into wards. The sensor works within any bed, any mattress and linen whilst being sensitive and accurate enough to measure movement heart rate and respiration during sleep cycles. The system works to provide care staff with smart reminders for improved pressure ulcer prevention, reduce fall risks with bed exit alerts and improve staff productivity with real-time overview and documentation, including trending data.

Key features include;

  • Direct notifications within any supported web-browser or Android device (push notifications).
  • Intelligent alerts automatically dismissed upon resolution.
  • Real-time facility and ward overview providing an accurate view of resident activity.
  • Connects directly to the facilities wireless network for reduced cabling requirements.
  • Works within at-home care environments.
  • Large scale deployments can potentially include nurse call and other system integration via API.

“This is a very exciting time for emerging technology to provide nonintrusive monitoring of residents enabling organizations to provide new levels of care whilst empowering frontline staff.” – Ryan Priest, CTO

Other key features include tracking of in-bed vs out-of-bed times – an indicator of physical and mental well-being enabling care providers to monitor trends and effects of rehabilitation programs. With automatical logging of trending data, staff can identify historical patterns and emerging patterns which are indicators of underlying issues.

Aged Care trials are now available;

Exclusively available to Aged Care providers, the option to trial this technology within your organization is now available. Please click here, submit your information and we will be in contact to prepare your trial program. You can also scan this QR code to link directly to the trial request form.

VitalSense Trial Program QR Code

VitalSense Trial Form