Face Recognition Capabilities in Cloud Based Smart Surveillance

MV camera dashboard showing heat map functionality.

Face Recognition Capabilities in Cloud Based Smart Surveillance

The world of surveillance is evolving, rapidly, far beyond that of traditional surveillance technologies which are generally clunky and expensive to deploy. Thanks to on-going innovation, cloud-based smart surveillance options are now readily available with a full-suite of capabilities, including face recognition with tagging and cross-camera support.

What is cloud surveillance?

The first question we are asked is how can an organisation that has deployed 100+ cameras possibly cater a WAN connection to support cloud-based surveillance? The answer is surprisingly simple. We refer to this technology as edge-storage, meaning the camera is isolated in regards to storage location and records to it’s own internal storage device.  WAN utilisation is only used for meta-data and connectivity purposes, but the actual storage is regulated within the network. When a user connects to the a camera stream, compression is applied across the network with a low-bit rate connection, this has minimal impact on the overall network and traditional 100mb up/down connection is more than capable of deploying 200+ cloud based surveillance hardware.

So what’s the biggest advantages?

You can completely eliminate the network recording device, increase the surveillance solution lifespan and eliminate expensive maintenance costs which results in reduced total cost of ownership when compared to that of traditional surveillance solutions. From this simple deployment method, you can scale up and down as required, as the cameras are wifi based meaning a simple power injector can provide almost instant access to the surveillance network.

What about features?

This is where cloud-based smart surveillance solutions shine, the features that are included. You not only inherit that of traditional surveillance, but you open the opportunity to gain valuable analytics and insights based on people. Such features include smart events based on zones, people recognition, face recognition, vehicle recognition, heat mapping, presence detection and API connectivity to extend smart systems.

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Finding faces across cameras

Now you can perform face recognition capabilities across your entire fleet of cameras, across all sites without additional software or surveillance hardware. Built directly inside each camera, Artificial Intelligence now has the ability to learn individuals faces, allow name tagging and cross-camera alerting to further improve safety. This feature has been well received and allows organisations to implement security policies across all their sites with minimal configuration. Other capabilities include filtering people to clothing colours, time of day and location with different zones to quickly retrieve footage for security purposes.

With cross-camera search, customers can easily search for individuals based on attribute filters or facial matches across all cameras in the organisation, including across multiple sites. This improvement allows users to track individuals or potential suspects as they move throughout a building, and it allows teams to quickly collect and build the necessary evidence for a case.

Integration Options.

Considering cloud based smart surveillance provide API platforms, we can now implement smart surveillance solutions into other systems. An example of this would be access control or nurse call alerting. Should a person be recognised within a certain zone and time (eg a resident trying to exit an Aged Care facility), the API can push an alert through to the nurse call system to allow fast reaction. The same applies to automatically unlocking doors upon a staff member being recognised as trying to enter a room.

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