SensFloor by SYNO Global Supporting Ambient Assisted Living

SensFloor by SYNO Global IoT floor installation in room

SensFloor by SYNO Global Supporting Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient Assisted Living At A Glance

Ambient Assisted Living, a term used to describe technology and processes implemented within Aged Care facilities to support the elderly through non intrusive practices and behaviours, with the intent to create a more natural environment to sustain healthy physical and mental health.

Sensor Floor by SYNO Global

SensFloor® by SYNO Global, is our new technology providing residents and support workers with assistive functionality that is tailored to meet the unique requirements of the Aged Care facility. This revolutionary sensor floor technology can track movement, detect changes in of the individuals health status (through historical data analysis and playback), alerts nurses of falls and detect urine on the floor (thus preventing potential injury).

Building Blocks of SensFloor®

The floor is installed beneath traditional flooring coverings including tiles, LVT, laminate etc, proximity sensors in the textile detect position through capacitance measurement. Wireless transceivers within the zones read data from the floor and calculate when the person is standing or fallen. Integration into existing system is also available meaning nurse call stations can alarm if a fall is detected. Support staff can view real time activity within rooms on any computer or tablet by simply logging into the administration console and selecting the room. All rooms installed with SensFloor® by SYNO Global report back to a facility server which can be accessed from the cloud allowing facility management to gain real time insights into their facilities across the country.

Improving Resident Safety

SensFloor® by SYNO Global alerts support workers when falls are detected, ensuring residents are never left unattended. Through Ambient Assisted Living practices, nurses no longer need to routinely check on residents during sleeping hours and awakening them, this helps to alleviate intrusive behaviours. The best way to deal with accidents such as falls is to prevent them. Switching on an orientation light when residents awake at night is one of the simplest methods. Needless to say that the presence detection feature of the sensor floor system does this in the best possible manner. Radio controlled built-in orientation lights are activated when the feet approach the floor in preparation to leave the bed, the lights are then switched off without any delay whilst returning into bed. For frail residents, the system can combine the activation of the orientation light with a nurse call to ask for support.

Due to the high spatial resolution, the exact location of a person can be captured at any time. A long-term recording of the movement activity can give valuable hints on the causes of eventual declines of a resident health status. For this purpose, a special visualisation of the movement trajectories of residents can be played back on authorised terminals including tablets.

Optimising Staff Workflow

Thanks to our technologies, staff can now optimise their work schedule and rely on sensors to help assist with the prioritisation of residents. With real-time insights into room activity and fall alerting, residents who need urgent care can be attended to without the threat of being left alone for extended periods of time due to a fall for example. We are already seeing a 25% increase in time saved due to routine optimisation and resident prioritisation, returning valuable time to facility staff ensuring best care is provided.

Gait Analysis

But SensFloor® by SYNO Global goes much further, even the gait of residents can be analysed and long-term changes. In recent studies in Aged Care facilities and Hospitals, it has been shown that a six meter long high resolution underlay in the hallway is sufficient to record, learn and classify gaits of people with respect to frailty. This way, the success of rehabilitation procedures can be measured and recorded.

These rehabilitation procedures can make use of the SensFloor®by SYNO Global as well. Without any problem, the precise localisation of people’s feet can be used as input to so-called “serious games”. Future-Shape offers components such as MIDI devices and keyboard controllers to configure any SensFloor® area as floor piano or giant mouse pad. This way, residents can train their musculoskeletal system while having fun in social games (contributing to a health mental state). All this works on the ordinary SensFloor® by SYNO Global signals so that no changes to the floor whatsoever are required to introduce these new functions into an already existing installation.

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SensFloor® by SYNO Global boasts a suite of exciting features designed for today’s technology assisted Aged Care facilities. Read more about SensFloor® by SYNO Global or contact us on 1300 796 600 to arrange a demo or more information.