Future of Enterprise Video Surveillance E-Book

MV camera dashboard showing heat map functionality.

Future of Enterprise Video Surveillance E-Book

SYNO Global has just released it’s Vision e-book, providing insights into traditional CCTV systems vs. cloud based security systems.

It’s time for a ‘new approach’ as we shift from traditional to cloud managed video security systems.

The e-book discusses how traditional surveillance solutions are no longer fit for the Aged Care market and organisations need to consider how growth and operational challenges can be supported with cloud based systems.

In today’s convergent age of IoT, advanced computer analytics and remote cloud access, cloud manage surveillance is empowering enterprises with a suite of sophisticated (yet easily managed) tools and insights, proven to improve safety and business processes whilst providing immediate return on investment through analytical data. Surveillance is fast becoming an emerging discussion point within the Aged Care and Healthcare sector, with the demand for new technology with lower OPEX costs being required.

“We created this e-book to give a new perspective on emerging surveillance technology with the intent on shifting the mind-set from the norm to emerging cloud managed platforms, such as Vision by SYNO Global” – Ryan Priest, CTO.

We are currently at a crossroad within the Aged Care sector regarding surveillance solutions. Existing business models are failing to deliver to industry regulations, safety expectations and stakeholders’ duty of care requirements, yet still provide privacy to residents. Today, leadership teams and executives are faced with unfolding challenges related to increasing daily operational burdens, especially among staff. In the past 18 months, the Aged Care and Retirement Living Sectors have seen unprecedented reviews by the Royal Commission including the introduction of unannounced audits and new quality standards. For providers to not only survive, but thrive, it is time to adopt new technology to drive operational excellence whilst still upholding their core values and care policies.

You can download the e-book here.