SensFloor by SYNO Global Empowering Retail

SensFloor by SYNO Global Empowering Retail

SYNO Global’s SensFloor technology has now been optimised to work within the retail sector for Australian and New Zealand businesses. Now business can gain an unfair advantage by reporting on analytical customer information through visitor flow and store optimisation based on heat map and tracking patterns.

Human localisation and tracking for manifold application scenarios empowers store management to improve customer experience by counting customer based on time and marketing campaigns, reviewing customer traffic patterns, measuring dwell and idle time whilst recognising time-based patterns that contribute to store performance.

SensFloor by SYNO Global is a nonintrusive sensor flooring solution that is installed beneath traditional floor covering such as laminate. By tracking customer entry and exit and location presence in both real time and playback, advanced customer insights can be reviewed to contribute to product featuring and improving conversion rates.

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