Innovation Designed for Enterprise and Healthcare Teams

Alpha Global offers an exciting range of innovation designed for the modern enterprises, across different verticals and requirements.

physical security and analytics platforms


AI-powered innovation for physical security, enhanced safety and proactive analytics. Empowering loss prevention, security, compliance and cross-function industry professionals.


Edge Surveillance and Analytics

The world’s fastest growing cloud-managed physical security solution built on AI.

Innovation Within Enterprise Environments

Scalable Access Control

Control access across unlimited sites & users with cloud-managed security.

Cloud-Managed Environmental Sensor Innovation

Environmental Sensors

Be alerted on meaningful environmental changes in real-time.

People Counting and Occupancy Analytics Sensor Innovation

Occupancy Insights

IoT sensors monitoring building occupancy and space across the floorplan.

Looking Up Through Building

Visitor Management

Guest, staff and contractor management for notification and safety.

fall prevention and nurse call


Unlock simplicity and stay connected with AI-powered innovation designed to accommodate the evolving needs of technology driven healthcare organizations.


Preventative Fall

Fall management innovation designed to prevent falls before they happen using AI-powered analytics.

Innovation Within Enterprise Environments

Nurse Call X Platform

Unlock integration and messaging in a single platform designed to connect with your array of technologies.



Cloud-managed IP networking and full stack implementation.


Full Stack IP Networking

Cloud-managed wifi6, switching, end-point control and security solutions.

Office Environment With Working People

Software and API DevOps

Providing our customers customer software and integration DevOps specialists.


Full managed services for enterprise and healthcare solutions

Sparked Backgound

SYNO Pulse

Managed services for physical security and network core.