Innovative technologies designed to operate across range of sectors including Aged Care, Hospital and Retail.

Digital Angel

Digital Angel Fall Prevention is a revolutionary fall detection and alerting solution designed for Aged Care and Hospital environments. Built on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to proactively monitor activities of patients and residents with capability to provide 24/7 care monitoring.

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Vision by SYNO Global

Vision by SYNO Global is our cloud managed smart surveillance solution, providing enterprise video security and analytics capabilities that is simple to deploy, configure and manage.

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MV camera dashboard showing heat map functionality.
SensFloor by SYNO Global installed under tiles, PVC and laminate image

SensFloor® by SYNO Global

SensFloor® by SYNO Global is a revolutionary presence detection flooring technology designed to be deployed across a range of sectors. SensFloor® by SYNO Global is a noninvasive, invisible and discreet capacitive sensor floor that can be installed beneath a complete range of flooring overlays, enabling movement tracking, fall, spill alerts and gait analytics.

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TV screen displaying devices connected to cloud.

SYNO Pulse

SYNO Pulse is a set of services designed for organisations innovating with SYNO Global IoT technologies. SYNO Pulse provides product usage licensing rights, warranty, remote monitoring and dedicated proactive support. From small deployments to global infrastructures, SYNO Pulse incorporates an all-inclusive pricing model that scales with your organisations demand, ensuring your investment into technology and innovation is safe-guarded from unforeseen problems whilst receiving enterprise service and support that is expected from today’s leading technology organisations.

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