Density Occupancy Analytics for Utilisation Insights

Gain actionable utilization and occupancy data from the Density cloud for intelligent space planning and building management.

Density Open Area Sensors

Understand space utilization across every room, floor and building with AI-powered sensors from Density

Providing workplace and real estate teams with portfolio-wide visibility into how square footage performs based on utilization benchmarks, from Density. Customers gain utilization data across their corporate real estate initiatives —from employee productivity and amenities, to growth and consolidation programming all from a single pane of glass.

Enterprise building occupancy and space utilization IoT sensors

Using proprietary sensors and software, the platform accurately measures foot traffic throughout buildings. Enterprise teams use the technology to eliminate underutilized real estate, deliver exceptional workplace experiences and strengthen physical security.

Contact-Free Sensors

Seamlessly count people as they move through any entry point or open space using IoT sensors.


Sensor data accuratley measures human traffic using machine learning data eliminating false positives.


Collected data is not only less invasive than cameras, it’s more private.

Unliminted Scalability

Deploy across unlimited floors and building to gain true insights into your occupancy.

Highly Secure

All collected data remains secure within trusted cloud service providers with the highest security levels.

API Ready

Leverage available APIs to further extend the platform across other technologies such as meeting rooms.


Reopen safely by managing occupancy limits with the world’s most accurate, anonymous people-counting system.

Workplace Experience

Use analytical data to reduce wasted time, release unoccupied rooms, predict demand, test office configurations.

Space Optimisation

Gain ongoing access to objective, accurate data that enables confident recommendations on space decisions.

Open Area

Easily understand how people use any open space with open area ceiling mounted sensors deployed across the floorplan.

Density Door Sensor Providing Building Analytics

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API Ready

Connect occupancy data for real-time decision making and 3rd paty application integration.

98% Accuracy

Using radar technology, door and floor sensors are highly accurate and only count people.

Enforce Safety

Allow people to enter building space when safe thanks to live occupancy displays and predictions.

Depth is your friend as sensors use anonymous depth data to help you see and understand your space at scale and in real-time

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