Security Camera Installation for Business

Providing security camera installation including access control services across Australian enterprises.

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Security Camera Installation and Support for Business

Here at Alpha Global, we are deploying the world’s fastest growing CCTV, access control and environmental cloud monitoring solutions across Australian businesses, designed for scalability whilst reducing complexity.


With advanced analytics based features such as people and vehicle recognition, no servers or DVRs and unlimited scalability, we are empowering ICT, loss prevention and compliance professionals with proactive alerting capabilities delivered by powered artificial intelligence features.

Project Scoping and Security Consulting

We have the capacity to provide security camera and access control installation services Australia-wide. From retail, government, education to technology, industrial and healthcare environments, we offer qualified and trained professionals to complete your physical security projects at competitive rates Australia-wide.

Rapid Deployment

Per project installation options using innovative serverless CCTV technology across Australia.

Security Camera Installation

Tailored CCTV installation projects and support for Australian businesses.

Scalable Solutions

CCTV systems designed for growing enterprises managing multiple locations.

Cabling and Install

Providing new cabling and installation services, including removal of old equipment.

Competitive Rates

Highly competitive installation rates across Australian business with free quote.

Security Integration

Eliminate multiple security camera and access control systems with a complete single solution.


Professional CCTV and access control installation services across Australia at competitive prices including onsite scoping.

Leading Innovation

World’s fastest growing CCTV technology without servers or onsite hardware is now being deployed. Learn more about this technology.

ISO Accreditation

We are an ISO9001, 14001 and AS/NZS4801 accredited organisation, ensuring the highest standards of quality management.

Verkada Access Control and Surveillance Cloud Technology

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Designed for organizations looking to reduce on-premises hardware and management, Alpha Global is a leading provider of Verkada hybrid-cloud physical security technology.

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