Verkada Smart Surveillance Live Demo


Experience the latest in Verkada smart surveillance SaaS technology via a live personalized demo of the entire platform and features, including people and vehicle recognition powered by AI.


Verkada offers the latest in cloud SaaS physical security video cameras for business or commercial installations. With full HD and even 4K security cameras including award-winning software, Verkada modernizes & simplifies enterprise video security. One cable powered with PoE. No additional configurations or software installs. Verkada’s security camera system takes minutes to setup, making video security simple and scalable for businesses of any location or size.
  • Why NVR and DVR systems are no longer needed
  • How the hybrid-cloud approach simplifies IT infrastructure
  • Why Verkada is the best security camera system in the market
  • The major benefits of secure remote access 247
  • How to get up and running in 15 minutes or less