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Vision by SYNO Global

Vision by SYNO Global is our cloud managed smart surveillance solution, providing enterprise video security and analytics capabilities that is simple to deploy, scale, configure and manage.

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Scalable Cloud Managed Cameras

The cloud management dashboard provides secure monitoring of all cameras deployed across your organisation, allowing live monitoring, playback and analytics from any internet connection. Vision is designed to scale supporting 1000’s of cameras across multiple locations.

Secure Edge Storage

Vision by SYNO Global eliminates the need for complex network video recorder hardware and video management software thanks to secured edge storage built-in to every camera, allowing for lower CAPEX, reduced OPEX and architectural simplicity.

Advanced Analytics

Industry-leading analytics and machine learning capabilities built-in allows organisations to analyse a new level of data capture including heat mapping, people counting and event triggering without the need for additional software and licensing.

Designed for Modern Facilities

View and analyse footage inside any facility from any internet connection, allowing your organisation to provide increased levels of security related services without introducing complex infrastructure and additional staffing requirements.

More Than Just Security

Vision by SYNO Global utilises powerful onboard processors to review and analyse video to provide enterprise insights without the need for additional traditional and expensive hardware or software.


Motion heat maps allow facilities to better plan their environments and layouts to allow quick visual access to foot traffic patterns. Now you can provide a better resident, guest or customer experience by optimising seating, entertainment or product placement in both open and closed areas.


With advanced object detection capabilities, you can learn which displays are attracting the most customer or how many staff and residents enter and exit zones. Our cameras become smarter over time thanks to onboard machine learning capabilities that provide deep business insights.


Protect areas of interest such as rear facility access or long corridors, setup regions to trigger events should an accident occur or a door is opened.

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Isolate events with Vision by SYNO Global cloud managed cameras

Smart Event Isolation

Our cameras use intelligent motion search to quickly find important segments of video amongst hours of recordings. Optimized to eliminate noise and false positives, this allows users to retrospectively zero-in on relevant events with minimal effort.


Vision’s motion indexing offers an intuitive search interface. Select the elements of the scene that are of interest and dashboard will retrieve all of the activity that occurred in that area. Laptop go missing? Drag the mouse over where it was last seen and quickly find out when it happened and who was responsible.

Analytics Built In

With an industry-leading processor onboard every Vision12 camera, advanced analytics, including computer vision and machine learning are now easy, scalable, and cost effective to implement. Vision12 can detect what’s a person—and what’s not—to enable features like people counting over time. You’ll gain valuable insights into facility foot traffic and your resident’s behaviour patterns with a single security camera solution—no servers, special software, or dedicated cameras required.

Analytics are builtin to each MV camera range.
Each camera can optimise recording retention.

Optimised Retention

Vision by SYNO Global camera’s take a unique approach to handling motion data by analysing video on the camera itself, but indexing motion in the cloud. This hybrid motion-based retention strategy plus scheduled recording give users the ability to define the video retention method that works best for every deployment.

All cameras retain continuous footage as a safety net for the last 72 hours before intelligently trimming stored video that contains no motion. Determine when cameras are recording, and when they’re not, with scheduled recording. Create schedule templates for groups of cameras and store only what’s needed, nothing more. Turn off recording altogether and only view live footage for selective privacy.

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Key Features

of Vision by SYNO Global

Vision by SYNO Global is a complete cloud based surveillance solution that eliminates to need for complex hardware, software and network infrastructure, providing businesses with advanced recording, playback and analytical information designed for today’s leading enterprises.

Centralised Cloud Management

Vision by SYNO Global provides secure management from the cloud dashboard, allowing complete management of all cameras across your enterprise and sites.

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Motion Based Search

Vision by SYNO Global returns time by eliminating the need to trawl hours of footage by dynamically selecting areas of interest in a video stream to find related footage.

Encrypted Storage and Playback

All video stored on the camera is encrypted at rest and during transport by default which includes automated TLS certificate provisioning without any manual intervention.

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Wireless Connectivity

The Vision12 indoor camera has inbuilt wireless connectivity, allowing the camera to connect to the internet via your organisations a802.11ac or 802.11n access points.

Secure Edge Storage

Eliminate the need for network video recorders (NVR) and video management software (VMS) thanks to each camera’s onboard solid state storage enabling up to 256GB of recording time.

Business Insights

Our cameras include advanced machine learning capabilities that provide business insights such as heat mapping, people count and event driven notifications based on video region.

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Event Driven Notifications

Select areas within the video feed to enable motion event triggering, enabling facilities to secure their premises. Alerts are sent based on the selected policy and motion time.

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Use Existing Cabling

The Vision by SYNO Global range of cameras include a new power accessory that enables you to use power from existing coax camera cabling to power our new camera range.

Anytime, Anywhere

Vision by SYNO Global allows local and remote video streams from a centralised cloud management dashboard.


All cameras come with everything needed for a successful deployment within any facility. Easily add additional cameras to your facility (indoor and outdoor variations available) before they even arrive, adjust settings remotely and view live playback from a centralised dashboard.


  • Integrated, high-grade solid state storage on each device.
  • 720p and 1080p high definition recording options.
  • IR illumination for nighttime security.
  • A range of models for multipurpose deployments.
  • 3 year warranty on all hardware.
  • Ultra small design with the VISION12 series.

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We’ll ship you camera gear and provide technical support to get you set up. There’s zero risk — if Vision by SYNO Global isn’t right for you, simply send the gear back free of charge.

Indoor and Outdoor

Our camera range includes options for both indoor and outdoor deployments, enabling complete coverage and dynamic camera placement. The latest VISION range includes wireless connectivity options enabling facilities to secure outdoor cameras without the need for data cabling requirements whilst utilising existing coax power.

Vision72 Varifocal Outdoor Camera

Vision72 Varifocal Outdoor Camera

Built for outdoor environments


  • Wifi ready
  • 256GB SSD storage
  • IK10+ and IP67 rated

Vision12 Micro Indoor Camera

Vision12 Micro Indoor Camera

Compact fixed lens, wifi enabled camera.


  • Wifi ready
  • 128 to 256GB SSD storage
  • PoE powered

Vision22 Varifocal Indoor Camera

Vision22 Varifocal Indoor Camera

Built for generalised facility security with optical zoom.


  • 1080p HD recording
  • 256GB SSD storage
  • Wifi ready

Introducing the VISION12 Cloud Camera

Integrated wireless, an industry-leading processor and advanced onboard analytics makes this more than just a typical security solution.


VISION12 is a family of mini-dome cameras representing the next leap forward for physical security and video analytics. The same on-board storage and processing that power the first generation of VISION cameras have been enhanced to produce an industry-leading powerhouse, all wrapped up in a compact form factor recording in 1080p.

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Solution Benefits

From Aged Care, Hospitals and Retail, our technology solutions are customisable to each of our clients unique needs with the experience to support large-scale deployments with ongoing managed services through SYNO Pulse.

Aged Care

Return on Investment


Aged Care providers can now increase resident safety whilst gaining valuable insights without the need for complicated infrastructure and complex software. Our VISION12 indoor camera is a mini-dome solution supporting non-intrusive technology practices whilst supporting staff workflow.

Resident Safety


Enable surveillance services within common areas such as recreational and community areas to improve resident and staff safety.



All cameras deployed across facilities are easily managed and monitored from a single dashboard hosted in the cloud.

Optimise Workflow


Using advaned analytical data such as heat mapping and people count, facility layouts can be optimised for a more efficient workforce.

People Counting


Count foot traffic in real time on entry and exits to monitor activity levels enabling improved resident safety.

Improve Legality


Contribute to legal compliance by responding to critical events that could adversely affect statutory legal obligations.

Video Wall


Customisable video walls group camera streams that can be deployed across facilities with granular access controls.

Reduce Costs


Lower CAPEX, reduced OPEX and architectural requirements due to processing and edge storage built into every VISION camera.

Nighttime Vision


Infrared is builtin to VISION outdoor cameras enabling up to 30 metres coverage with advanced analytics and counting.

Event Alerting


Highlight critical areas within video regions to send alerts should events occur, allowing facilities to protect sensitive areas based on rules.

Motion Search


Reduce time spent finding event footage within specific video regions. Export video and share where required.

Works with Cisco Meraki Infrastructure

Vision by SYNO Global is part of the Cisco Meraki technology stack, enabling easy implementation into new and existing ICT environments. From PoE switches and security appliances to advanced wireless access points, the VISION range of cameras can easily be added for quick setup and management across your facilities.

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Technical Specifications

Vision by SYNO Global camera’s utilise a powerful onboard processor to analyze video and provide valuable insights without the need to send those video files to the cloud or a local server.

Latest Innovation
with More Features


Vision by SYNO Global offers an impressive suite of features tailored to meet the needs of today’s leading facilities and technology requirements.

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Cloud Management


Vision by SYNO Global offers an easy to use cloud management dashboard to connect, manage and administer cameras across your organisation.

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Cutting Edge Architecture


By utilizing solid state storage on each camera, the VISION camera family has removed the network video recorder (NVR) and its complexity from the equation.

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Motion Heat Map


Easily assess foot traffic across your facilities. Motion heat maps only require a small amount of metadata, rather than bulky video files, to provide results with big impact.

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Secure By Default


Secure data is just as important as the security cameras you choose. SYNO Global’s pedigree in networking security means VISION is built to be secure from the ground up.

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Object Detection


The ability to detect people using computer vision and increase accuracy over time through machine learning will provide deep business insights to improve safety.

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Inside or Outside


All cameras come with everything needed for an easy deployment. Add cameras to a network before they even arrive, and easily adjust software settings without onsite presence.

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Privacy Matters


All analytical functionalities are anonymized to ensure privacy while still providing intel. You’ll know that a resident entered the dining area at 3:38, but not that her name is Ruby.

Bandwidth Conscious


A novel and modern architecture places video storage on the camera, not in the cloud, ensuring mission critical network activities get the bandwidth they need.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Vision by SYNO Global is a new camera and analytics technology designed to be managed and deployed from the cloud. Find answers to a range of commonly asked questions regarding our Vision by SYNO Global technology.

What are the main features of the VISION camera range?

  • Cloud managed with complete integration into the Meraki dashboard. Highly scalable to manage 1000’s of devices.
  • Plug and play deployment with self-configuration.
  • Dynamic day-to-night transition with IR illumination.
  • Noise optimized motion indexing engine with historical search.
  • Shared video wall with individual layouts supporting multiple cameras.
  • Selective export capability with cloud proxy (with watermarked timestamps).
  • Highly granular view, review, and export user permissions with SAML integration.
  • Motion heat maps for relative hourly or day-by-day motion overview.
  • Motion alert.
  • Privacy screening.
  • People recognition with advanced analytics.
  • Motion search functionality.

Where is the recorded video stored?

The video is stored inside the camera on solid state and encrypted storage.

How much footage can I store?

VISION cameras come in 128GB and 256GB storage options. Storage time will vary based on video quality and retention settings. 30 days worth of footage is easily achievable.

What if I need longer than 20 days worth of video recording?

When set to 24/7 recording, VISION cameras have a limit of 20 days of storage; however, the Meraki dashboard provides a set of optimized retention tools for all models of VISION cameras, which can extend retention well beyond 20 days. With motion-based retention enabled, cameras will record the most recent three days in their entirety as a precaution; after that, cameras will intelligently trim out and discard segments of video which contain no motion. Depending on the recording environment and the amount of motion seen by each camera, customers may see beyond 90 days of retention in some cases. Schedules can also be set, which will affect the retention period accordingly. The dashboard provides a real time read out for each camera of expected retention based on real data from that camera averaged over the last week.

Is my video stored in the cloud?

Standard streaming video is not stored in the cloud, but exported video clips are stored in the cloud for 30 days. Metadata for video thumbnails and motion indexing are also stored in the cloud. Video will proxy through the cloud in the event of remote streaming and is cached in order to retrieve footage more quickly, but during standard recording operations, VISION cameras will only save video locally on encrypted storage.

Can I choose to backup my video in the cloud?

Yes, cloud storage licenses are available to extend recorded video beyond the camera.

What resolution do these cameras record in?

1080p HD video recording (1920×1080) with H.264 encoding, up to 20fps.

What is the frame rate? The bitrate?

VISION camera users can choose to record in either Standard Quality (8fps / 530kbps) to store 20 days of footage or Enhanced Quality (15fps / 765kbps) in deployments where it’s necessary to capture quickly moving objects. Enhanced Quality recording will reduce storage capacity to about 14 days of 24/7 recording. With optimized retention settings, these retention periods can be greatly extended.

What happens if somebody steals my camera? What if it’s damaged or there’s a fire?

As with all security camera systems, care should be taken during installation to ensure cameras are out of reach of potential thieves or vandals. If cameras are taken, video footage from that camera will be lost unless the culprit plugs it back into a network connection, at which point footage will become retrievable again. If there’s concern about vandalism, the VISION72 is recommended, as it is IK10+ rated for impact resistance in addition to its IP66 weather resistance rating.

Like most other systems, in the event of a fire, if cameras become damaged to the point of inoperability, footage will be lost.

All security camera systems carry some amount of risk, but unlike a deployment with a recording device, there is no single point of vulnerability in any VISION deployment since each camera stores its own video.

Is stored video encrypted on the camera?

Yes, VISION features full disk encryption. Additionally, cameras automatically purchase and provision their own publicly-signed SSL certificates upon initial boot up. Management data is encrypted as well. All encryption is turned on by default, and cannot be turned off.

What if a camera loses access to the network?

VISION cameras will continue to record, even if they lose access to the network, as long as they have power. When network is restored, and if a cloud achieve license is purchased the camera will upload recorded footage.

What will happen if the camera loses power?

Cameras will not operate without power. A switch with redundant power supplies is recommended if there is a concern about power loss.

Is there any way to back video up onto an NVR, DVR, NAS, or other centralized storage device?

No. The VISION is designed to operate without an external recording solution. It will not work with an NVR, DVR, or NAS. Video cannot be automatically exported to these solutions.

What if my bandwidth is limited?

The Meraki dashboard will intelligently determine if the viewing computer is in the same local network as the cameras. If this is the case, video traffic will stream directly over the LAN, saving WAN bandwidth. If video is viewed remotely, the dashboard will proxy it through the cloud. It’s recommended that customers with limited WAN bandwidth planning on doing frequent remote viewing should select the Standard Quality video setting.

What CODECs does the VISION cameras support?


When I export video clips, what format are they exported in?

Video clips are exported as MP4 encoded with H.264.

Can the memory on my camera be upgraded or replaced?

No, the solid state memory on these cameras cannot be removed, upgraded or replaced.

Are these cameras PTZ capable?

No. VISION22 and VISION72 are fixed varifocal dome cameras, so zoom, focus, and aperture settings can be adjusted remotely through the dashboard, but lens angle and positioning must be adjusted during installation.

VISION12 cameras use a completely fixed lens with autofocus.

Does VISION offer analytics capabilities?

VISION’s powerful motion search plus motion heat maps capability comes standard with all VISION hardware plus a license.

VISION cameras feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, enabling machine-learning-based computer vision, including detecting people as objects.

Are these cameras wireless?

VISION cameras can be used with standard Ethernet via PoE, but they also feature 802.11ac wireless connectivity.

We can also provide power over ethernet injectors for users who do not have a PoE enabled switch available and want to connect via wifi.

Can you zoom in on historical footage?

Video clips are exported in standard MP4 format, so it is possible to use the zoom feature in standard video players during playback.

Can I view a live camera feed from my mobile device?

Yes, using the Cisco Meraki Android or iPhone application you can connect to any camera and retrieve a live stream. You do not have to be connected to the local area connection as the application will determine the best path to the camera based on your connection (eg local area network or mobile network). Depending on your connection, the camera will automatically determine the best streaming bitrate and quality to ensure a smooth experience.

What is the focal length on the varifocal camera range?

3-9mm focal length with f/1.2-2.3 aperture. Field of view includes;

Horizontal 36° – 112°
Vertical 20° – 57°
Diagonal 42° – 138°

Lens adjustment range:

Tilt: 65°
Rotation: +/- 90°
Pan: 354°

1/30s to 1/32,000s shutter speed

Do the cameras include built-in IR illumination?

Yes, VISION cameras include built-in IR illuminators, effective up to 30m (98ft). Minimum illumination 0.18 Lux (standard recording) and 0.01 Lux (night mode)

Can the cameras record audio?

Yes, VISION cameras include in-built microphones to record audio. SYNO Global recommends you consult with legal professionals to ensure you meet privacy obligations.

What security is built into each VISION camera?

Full disk encryption (AES 256-bit) with automatically purchased and provisioned TLS certificates (publicly-signed). Management encryption and two-factor authentication is available for login.

Are CCTV cameras effective?

Yes, they help to provide additional layers of safety whilst allowing events to be captured and reviewed for legal purposes.

Which CCTV camera solution is the best?

There are so many different types of CCTV solutions available. SYNO Global believes in simplified technologies that provide a plethora of features that are both innovative and cost-effective whilst providing true return on investment.

Can CCTV cameras be used to monitor staff?

Every organisation is different in respect to workflow policies. Depending on the environment and requirements will often determine if staff are monitored or not. It is important to note however in Aged Care environments that staff and resident monitoring actually helps improve safety and care whilst supporting staff workflow. SYNO Global recommends to consult with relevant industry professionals to ensure legal obligations are met.

Will CCTV cameras work without an internet connection?

Yes, because footage is stored internally and the latest configuration settings are saved to each camera. When a user attempts to retrieve footage or view cameras in real time, an active internet connection is required to access the camera from the cloud managed dashboard.

Where are CCTV cameras used?

Each organisation will have a different use case for camera placement. In most cases, cameras are positioned to protect assets of value, improve safety of personnel or secure areas of interest such as corridors or low traffic regions.

Can SYNO Global help with me scoping a surveillance solution?

Yes, we can attend your site to discuss your requirements and review your current infrastructure to help determine a surveillance path moving forward. We can also offer you a free trial of our technology to ensure it is a right fit for your organisation. Contact us on 1300 796 600 or email [email protected]

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View images and video displaying key features of Vision by SYNO Global, including setup, analytics and installation.

Cloud Managed Security Cameras Introduction

Introducing VISION12 Cloud Camera

Video Motion Search Example

Introduction to Motion Heatmap Analytics

Vision12 Setup for Gear Trial

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  • How Vision by SYNO Global empowers facility staff to improve resident safety.
  • Advanced analytics including heat map and event triggers.
  • Cloud based technology and management.

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