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Vision by SYNO Global

Vision by SYNO Global is our cloud managed smart surveillance solution, providing enterprise video security and analytics capabilities that is simple to deploy, scale, configure and manage.

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Scalable Cloud Managed Cameras

The cloud management dashboard provides secure monitoring of all cameras deployed across your organisation, allowing live monitoring, playback and analytics from any internet connection. Vision is designed to scale supporting 1000’s of cameras across multiple locations.

Secure Edge Storage

Vision by SYNO Global eliminates the need for complex network video recorder hardware and video management software thanks to secured edge storage built-in to every camera, allowing for lower CAPEX, reduced OPEX and architectural simplicity.

Advanced Analytics

Industry-leading analytics and machine learning capabilities built-in allows organisations to analyse a new level of data capture including heat mapping, people counting and event triggering without the need for additional software and licensing.

Designed for Modern Facilities

View and analyse footage inside any facility from any internet connection, allowing your organisation to provide increased levels of security related services without introducing complex infrastructure and additional staffing requirements.

More Than Just Security

Vision by SYNO Global utilities powerful on-board processors to review and analyse video to provide enterprise insights without the need for additional hardware or software.


With advanced object detection capabilities, you can learn which displays are attracting the most customer or how many staff and residents enter and exit zone, including face, people and vehicle recognition. Our cameras become smarter over time thanks to machine learning capabilities that provide deep business insights and human analysis.


Protect areas of interest such as rear facility access or long corridors, setup regions to trigger events should an accident occur or a door is opened, or when people enter without permission.


Intelligent event sharing with access to live feeds via direct link or SMS in seconds. Whether your team needs footage to monitor suspicious activities, or local authorities need context to respond to a situation, our system makes it easy to streamline visibility for quick, and effective, incident resolution.

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Isolate events with Vision by SYNO Global cloud managed cameras

Smart Event Isolation

Our cameras use intelligent motion search to quickly find important segments of video amongst hours of recordings. Optimized to eliminate noise and false positives, this allows users to retrospectively zero-in on relevant events with minimal effort.


Vision’s motion indexing offers an intuitive search interface. Select the elements of the scene that are of interest and dashboard will retrieve all of the activity that occurred in that area. Laptop go missing? Drag the mouse over where it was last seen and quickly find out when it happened and who was responsible.

Analytics Built In

With an industry-leading processor on-board every camera, advanced analytics, including computer vision and machine learning are now easy, scalable, and cost effective to implement. Vision by SYNO Global can detect what’s a person, a face —and what’s not—to enable features like people search over time. You’ll gain valuable insights into facility foot traffic and your behavioral patterns with a single security camera solution—no servers or special software.

Analytics are builtin to each MV camera range.
Each camera can optimise recording retention.

Optimised Retention

Vision by SYNO Global camera’s take a unique approach to handling motion data by analysing video on the camera itself, but indexing motion in the cloud. This hybrid motion-based retention strategy plus scheduled recording give users the ability to define the video retention method that works best for every deployment.

All cameras retain continuous footage as a safety net for the last 72 hours before intelligently trimming stored video that contains no motion. Determine when cameras are recording, and when they’re not, with scheduled recording. Create schedule templates for groups of cameras and store only what’s needed, nothing more. Turn off recording altogether and only view live footage for selective privacy.

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Learn more about Vision by SYNO Global’s unique product offering for the Aged Care market, which includes;


  • Our industry experience with Aged Care.
  • How Vision by SYNO Global empowers facility staff to improve resident safety.
  • Advanced analytics including heat map and event triggers.
  • Cloud based technology and management.

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Aged Care and Retail enterprises can now take advantage of our obligation free 30 day trial. If the solution isn’t the right fit for you, simply return the equipment with the prepaid shipping label provided. All trials come with setup assistance and a dedicated account manager.