SYNO Global Launches Smart Flooring IoT Technology for Australian and New Zealand Aged Care Facilities

SensFloor by SYNO Global IoT floor installation in room

SYNO Global Launches Smart Flooring IoT Technology for Australian and New Zealand Aged Care Facilities

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SYNO Global is proud to announce our entry into the aged care market with SensFloor® IoT, our newly developed and revolutionary sensor flooring technology designed for today’s modern aged care facilities that are embracing ambient assisted living concepts and technologies.

“We have been working hard to bring SensFloor® by SYNO Global to the Australian and New Zealand aged cared market. The technology is the first of it’s kind and will set a new standard for non-intrusive sensor flooring systems. – Luke Craddock, Managing Director

With aged care seeing significant growth in Australia, technology such as SensFloor® is constantly evolving to support aged care operations, improving resident care and staff optimisation whilst remaining non-intrusive.

“SensFloor® by SYNO Global is the first IoT technology that can monitor speed, gait, falls and spills of people without requiring pressure-based sensors. SensFloor® is a non-intrusive, capacitive based flooring solution that measures changes in conductivity under the floor.” – Ryan Priest, Chief Technology Officer (SYNO Global)

The technology provides support workers with real-time visibility of movement and insight into potential life-threatening scenarios such as falls or spills using change in conductivity measurement-based technology that is hidden beneath traditional flooring products such as carpet, tiles, floorboards and laminate. Support workers can monitor resident tracking on mobile and tablet devices thanks to inbuilt WiFi, whilst optimising workflow by reducing intrusive behaviours.

“In various projects across Europe, SensFloor® is helping operators of aged care facilities and hospitals increase their service-quality whilst providing additional security to their residents and residents” – Erwin Burth, Chief Marketing Officer (Future-Shape)

SensFloor® can be connected to existing event management systems whilst offering a standalone, cloud-based software solution that provides staff with a 360-degree view of activity occurring in each room or zone. SensFloor® by SYNO Global is supported by our SYNO Pulse managed services solution, ensure high-availability, licensing, system monitoring and proactive support.

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