Bed Sensor Technology for Fall Prevention and Health Monitoring

VitalSense, our new fibre optics resident monitoring technology that proactively monitors the resident’s health and bed status without intrusive devices, is fast becoming a much-requested technology amongst the Aged Care and Healthcare sector due to its affordability, features and reliability.

VitalSense Placed Under Matress

Based on fibre optic attenuation measurement, which is the process of measuring bends in light through fibre cores, VitalSense is accurate and sensitive enough to measure heartbeat and respiratory rates through mattresses and linen whilst the resident or patient sleeps. This information is then trended to produce a range of reports that care staff will find useful during handover or real-time care monitoring, yet produce a range of real-time alarms.

Based on IoT technology, the humble bed is turned into a smart bed without complex wiring or technology requirements, and because VitalSense is universally applicable to any bed hardware, organisation do not need to retrofit or purchase any specialised beds to suit the sensors requirements. Each bed becomes an internet connected device, in which the status of the resident is reported to the cloud and divided up into groups (eg wards). VitalSense combines unique research into sensor technology, sleep science and big data algorithm from universities and healthcare organisations around the world. The technology has been in development for over five years and is based on ballistocardiography (BCG) measured using optical light. The attenuation measurements process is sensitive enough to measure subtle mechanical forces exerted by the heart, lungs and general body movements.

Key features of this technology include;

The technology connects to the cloud to provide up to date status and alarms of in-bed activity.

Monitors Vitals
Monitoring heart rate and breathing during normal sleep cycles including alarm thresholds. Trending data during sleep and reporting.

Turning Alerts
Set schedules turning alerts to remind staff when resident or patient in bed turns are required.

Hidden and Discreet
Hidden away under the mattress with a small controller attached behind the bed head. The technology detects movement and also bed exit to contribute to fall prevention.

Wifi Enabled
Other than a power cable, the controller connects to your wireless network for simple installation and connects to the cloud.

Nothing can be seen or felt, rendering this technology completely invisible to the resident.

Designed for Aged Care
Break rooms up into wards for on-demand monitoring and alerting, live dashboard with the status of rooms and activity in bed.

Smart Device Support
Works on Android phones with Android or galaxy smart watch support through push notifications including web browsers.

If you would like to trial VitalSense within your organisation, you can request a trial program by completing this form.